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Equal Employment Opportunity Policy for Technical Specialty Systems                      




Company: Technical Specialty Systems

Submitted on this First day of March 2, 2000


To all Technical Specialty Systems employees, potential employees, suppliers, and subcontractors. Our company has committed itself to enhance the objectives of equal employment opportunity. We are asking your assistance and cooperation in helping the company to achieve its goals and leadership, by actively recruiting and referring applicants for all jobs without regard to, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, religion, economic status, age or disability, unless disability or age is a bona-fide occupational qualification.


Minority and female members are being sought for consideration for supervisory, journeyman, office, and technical jobs as well as others, whenever the company hires. All Staff who make hiring decisions are instructed that all jobs are to be considered without discrimination. All staff will assure that the company makes maximum use of training to help equalize opportunity for minorities and females. All staff will assure nondiscriminatory placement and promotion within the company. All staff will assure nondiscriminatory pay, other compensation, and working conditions. All staff will assure nondiscrimination demotion, layoff, or termination. All staff will assure nondiscriminatory subcontracting for the company.


Because of our commitment as an equal opportunity employer, our continued services with any agency or recruiting agency depends on its compliance with this policy. Thus, we expect your service to us to include active recruitment of qualified minority and female applicants for all positions we list with you.


The equal employment opportunity officer for this company is Kim Cornthwaite, telephone number 319-363-9035. Please acknowledge your cooperation in writing by initialing and returning to us the enclosed copy of this letter, to the above named person.






Kim Cornthwaite

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