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IES Utilities

Prairie Creek Power Station

Cedar Rapids, IA

Jim Stolba



Cedar Rapids Community Schools

346 2nd Avenue S.W.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Dave Dvorak



St. Lukes Hospital

1026 A Avenue N.E.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Kevin Ward



Cargil Incorporated

411 6th Street N.E.

Cedar Rapids, IA  52402

Ron Dirks



Palmer Chiropractic College

Davenport, IA

Rich Reysack



University of Iowa

230 University Services

Iowa City, IA


Jeff Hayes


Allen Hazen Water Tower

Des Moines, IA

Andrew Lundy



City of Cedar Rapids

1201 6th Street S.W.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Dwight Dohlman



Howard R. Green Engineering

8710 Earhart Lane S.W.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Frank Kelm



Coe College

1220 1st Avenue N.E.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Kermit Postier



Veterans Memorial Building/City Hall Cedar Rapids

50 2nd Avenue S.E.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Dwight Dohlman



Cottage Grove Place

2115 1st Avenue S.E.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Ken Avery



Shive Hattery Engineering

201 3rd Avenue S.E.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Gary Witehill




The following is a partial list of jobs we have worked
on over the years, there are numbers of others that is not listed.


Cedar Rapids Community Schools

Cleveland Elementary

Wright Elementary

Harrison Elementary

Arthur Elementary

Erskine Elementary

Garfield Elementary

Kenwood Elementary

Pierce Elementary

Van Buren Elementary

Taft Middle School

Roosevelt Middle School

Franklin Middle School

McKinley Middle School

Kennedy High School

Jefferson High School

Washington High School

St. Matthews Church

Cedar Rapids, IA


First United Methodist Church

Marion, IA


St. Pauls United Methodist Church

Cedar Rapids, IA


University of Iowa

Hydraulics Lab Building

Iowa City, IA


University of Iowa

Biology Building

Iowa City, IA


Iowa State Veterans Home

Marshalltown, IA


Contracts completed:


St. Lukes Hospital - Ramp Repair

Restoration of North Round Concrete Reservoir - City of Muscatine

St. Lukes Hospital - Building Restoration

St. Lukes Hospital - Caulking

J Avenue Water Treatment Plant Masonry Restoration - City of Cedar Rapids 

Masonry Restoration - Cedar Rapids Community School District

Masonry Restoration - Linn County Jail

Caulking - Johnson County Administration building

Cedar Rapids Five-in-One Dam - Concrete Repair

Wenebago Moter Home Factory Caulking Repair

Iowa Medical Waste Caulking Repair


Project:            Kinnick Stadium                       Contract Amt.  $340,194.00


Owner:     State Board of Regents             Completed: March 1998

                    University of Iowa

                     Iowa City, IA                              Performed:        100%



Project:         City Hall Cedar Rapids              Contract Amt.   $269,000.00

Owner:     City of Cedar Rapids        Completed:       Nov. 2000

                    Cedar Rapids, IA

                                                                           Performed:        100%


Project:            J Avenue Water Plant               Contract Amt.   $169,000.00

Owner:    City  Cedar Rapids                Completed:        Nov. 2001

                        Cedar Rapids, IA

                                                                               Performed:         100%


Project:            UNI PEC Building                                Contract Amt.    $71,995.00

Owner:   State Board of Regents             Completed:         Sept. 1996

                      University of Northern IA        

                      Cedar Falls, IA                         Performed:          100%



Project:            Iowa Veterans Home                Contract Amt.     $130,873.00

Owner:    Iowa Dept. General Services     Completed:         July 1997

                 Hoover State Office

                 Des Moines, IA                            Performed:         100%



Project:      Waterloo Parking Ramp                       Contract Amt:      $52,000.00

Owner:    City of Waterloo                                   Completed:           August 1997

                    Waterloo, IA

                                                                                 Performed:            100%


Project:            OSADA Partnership                 Contract Amt:       $108,971.00

Owner:   OSADA Partnership                 Completed:            August 1997

                        Cedar Rapids, IA

                                                                                 Performed:             100%



Project:            St. Lukes Hospital                   Contract Amt:        $60,000.00

Owner:    St. Lukes Hospital                   Completed:             Aug. 1996

                        Cedar Rapids, IA

                                                                              Performed:             100%



Project:            Peoples Church                                   Contract Amt:   $60,000.00

Owner:    Peoples Church                                   Completed:                   July 1996

                    Cedar Rapids, IA

                                                                            Performed:                   100%



Project:            Fort Madison School                Contract Amt:   $131,284.00

Owner:    City of Fort Madison                Completed:            1982

                        Fort Madison, IA

                                                                               Performed:                   100%



Project:            Job Sevice of Iowa                               Contract Amt:   $22,474.00

Owner:    State of Iowa                            Completed:                   1982

                        Des Moines, IA

                                                                               Perfomed:                     100%



Project:            Killians Parkade                                   Contract Amt:   $89,750.00



Project:            Palmer College                         Contract Amt:               $109.000.00

Owner:      Palmer Center                          Completed:                   2002

                        Davenport, IA                                                                         

                                                                               Performed:                   100%



Project:            Allen Hazen Water Tower        Contract Amt:   $180,000.00

Owner:    City of Des Moines                   Completed:                   2002

                        Des Moines, IA

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