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Technical Specialty Systems
1115 Wenig Road N.E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
Phone: 319-363-9035

"The Structure Savers"
Leading the way in Masonry and Concrete Restoration

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Need to Spruce Up Your Building?

Need to Repair or Replace Your Old Concrete or Brick?

Need to Give Your Building a New Clean Look?

We Can Help - Call (319) 363-9035 

We have the people & equipment to do the job right!!



The Following is a List of our Services:

Masonry Restoration, Concrete Restoration, Caulking, Sealants, Concrete Waterproofing, Epoxy Injection, Waterproofing,  Repointing, Building Cleaning, Sealant, Exterior Wall Coating, Parking Deck Restoration, Self Leveling Floor, Parking Garage Repair, Parking Deck Repair, Parking Lot Repair, Brick Work, Brick Repair, Urethane Injection, Expansion Joint, Epoxy Injection, Waterproofing, Tuckpointing, Building Restoration, Concrete, Bricks, Parapet Wall Repair, Water Repellents, Mortar, Historical Restoration, Masonry Repointing, Masonry, Brickwork,  Pointing, Brick Resurfacing, Stonework, Brick Repair, Stone Repair, Stone Repointing, Masonry Cleaning, Stone Restoration, Brick Restoration, Tuckpointing,  Historic Preservation, Brick Restoration, Pressure Wash, Mortar Joints, Exterior Building Restoration, Gunite, Terra-cotta, Floor Leveling.

Please call Ray or Rob for all your maintenance needs.


Technical Specialty Systems
1115 Wenig Road NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Fax 363-7215

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