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About Us

Technical Specialty Systems was founded in 1979 to meet the Concrete and masonry restoration needs of its customers. Servicing the residential market, Technical Specialty Systems built up its name and reputation through a strong sense of service and commitment to excellence. Since the mid-1980's, our company has expanded into the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

Throughout the 1980's to present, Technical Specialty Systems has landed several significant projects and is moving in the direction of becoming a major supplier in the restoration industry. Experienced, professional staff, has been acquired, securing the ability of the firm to maintain quality delivery of service in an atmosphere of growth.

Projects have included residences, churches, condominiums, co-ops, commercial buildings and institutions. The work has included the installation of retrofit helifix ties, sealant application, sheet metal work, stone repair and replacement, brick replacement, concrete repairs, Gunite, Epoxy Injection repointing mortar joints, cleaning, terra cotta restoration, repairs with Jahn mortars, reanchoring of stone cladding, exterior coatings, waterproofing and other restoration- related work at building exteriors.

We are a full-service restoration company, operating as a general restoration contractor on some larger projects and masonry restoration specialists on others. Qualified staff are on hand for budgets, condition reports, estimates and the efficient, proper, delivery of all building restoration assignments. Large or small, each project receives full attention and pricing is competitive.

We have not forgotten our roots and continue to offer economical, quality, service to residential properties. Owners of commercial buildings look to Technical Specialty Systems for solutions, quality performance and competitive pricing. When the need is there for the careful restoration of a sensitive, historically valuable, structure, our staff are among the best in Iowa. So whether a world-class restoration project is required or repairs to a building entrance, Technical specialty systems is a knowledgeable and always competitive resource. 
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